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The CreatHER:

Shaiday Dancy

Dance Instructor | Movement Performer| Yoga/Pilates Instructor |

Expanding Creative Artist|

Owning her talents as a dancer, teacher, energy healer, health and wellness enthusiast, visual artist, and creative media specialist Shaiday has intertwined all of her talents and skills into her business Sunflxw Artistry. 


Sunflxw {sun-flow]; going with the flow and vibration that lights up your heart and soul with love


"Lead with light and love and only good will come out of it"

Visit the shop to check out the newest addition:

Customized Crystalized Durags

my take on putting on your "Creative Thinking Cap"  

Sunflxw Artistry's mission is to spread 

Light and spread Love into the community through inspiring creative projects and cultivated safe spaces for 

creation, expression, 

education and exploration for the blossoming creative artist. Through teaching classes, and workshops on topics ranging from dance movement, yoga, pilates, mental and physical conditioning training or assisting in the creative media process through photography, videography, and graphic design your vision is sure to come to come out brighter than you imagined. Shaiday is also available for freelance performance bookings and gigs.  

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